A minimalist start page with quick access to a few popular search engines. The source code is freely available and customizable.


As far as I know, the world’s first combined file hosting and link shortening service. An idea I came up with shortly after starting to use Twitter and my main hobby ever since. Due to my personal limits dznr is not open to the public right now.

Black Cursor

Black Cursor was a graphic design and customization forum that I never had time take care of properly, which is why I ended up shutting it down.


A playground for generating random SVG graphics with a variety of tools. The acronym might once have had a meaning, I cannot remember it though.


Talking about acronyms: Here’s a random tool to generate absurd meanings for your favorite acronyms.

Facebook Profile Cleanup Extension

A Safari extension to remove some clutter from the December 2010 Facebook profile redesign. This is what it looked like.

Be a nice guest and refrain from copying any of these designs. Thank you.

Eventually I’ll make my icons, wallpapers and themes available here again, but for now you can browse the Storage Site if you need something specific.